Ever realised you have ran out of fake tan just before you go out or think the only fake tans you can find are to expensive? I have, so here is an amazing DIY on how to make your own fake tan in literally 1 minute and costs half the price! All you need is either, bronzer, eyeshadow or body shimmer, basically anything along the lines of that and trust me just go to a pharmacy and buy a cheap one, also make sure it is darker than you own skin. You will also need body lotion or suncream (white in colour) a knife and then a container to mix the tan in, jar, bottle.

1. Use the knife to gut the bronzer, eyeshadow etc into the container

2. Then squeeze the body lotion or suncream into the container

3. Either put the lid on the container and shake the mixture or mix it, make sure it is mixed really well, so there are no bits left

There you have it, so simple (btw the last pic is before the tan is rubbed in, when rubbed in it gives me a sunkissed glow)

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